CTA employee arrested after shooting man following fight at Red Line station {150}

Updated: Apr 9

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Location. CHICAGO. USA

A CTA employee was arrested after shooting a man following a fight at the 95th Street CTA Red Line station in Chicago early Saturday morning.

Chicago police said an argument between the CTA employee and another man, both 53 years old, escalated into a fight shortly before 2am.

The man started walking away and police said that’s when the CTA employee, working as a customer assistant, shot him, striking him three times.

The victim was shot in the lower abdomen, back and lower left leg — and was taken to University of Chicago Medical Center in critical condition.

Police arrested the suspect and recovered a weapon at the scene.

The Chicago Transit Authority said in a statement they were pursuing termination of the employee, who had broken several workplace rules including possession of a firearm.

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